FROM ONE NIGHT TO WIFE - The New Read from Rachael Thomas

MBB is happy to welcome Rachael Thomas today. Rachael Thomas writes emotional and compelling romances which keep the reader engaged until the last page is turned. Rachael very kindly agreed to answer my questions and the result is a very readable interview indeed....


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Rachael do you write when the muse strikes, or do you keep to a disciplined regime and write daily?
I’ve always fitted my writing in around the daily life of the farm and now that I’m published, nothing has changed. I don’t wait for the muse to strike; instead I sit at my computer and go in search of it. Sometimes it resists, so I resort to good old-fashioned pencil and paper until I’ve found it again. When I’m writing a book, I set myself a daily word count target and my own deadline. It works most of the time!

What's your best piece of advice for a new writer?
To never give up on your dreams, always believe in yourself as a writer and write something every day – even if it’s only a few sentences.

Please give us a tweet-sized summary of the plot of your latest book.
Forced together by the consequences of one night Nikos and Serena overcome past hurt and find their HEA.

What inspired you to write it?
 I actually was lucky enough to go to one of the Greek Islands a few years ago and loved it so much I knew I had to set a story against the backdrop of the beautiful island of Santorini and the allure of Athens. I had to wait a while before my Greek hero showed up and when he did, he didn’t disappoint. Serena, more than a match for Nikos, completed the picture.

What's next on your agenda?
I have just finished writing a book and it is with my editor now, so I’m about to start planning my next book. A time when my desk becomes covered in scribbled notes and the possibilities are endless.


A souvenir from her Greek affair! 

Three months ago, journalist Serena James had her heart broken by a man she'll never forget, especially not the fury in his eyes the night they parted. Now she's back in Santorini to tell him that their summer fling had unexpected repercussions…

Mogul Nikos Petrakis is on the verge of a deal that will make him even more powerful. He doesn't need any distraction—especially not a sexy redhead whose curves beg to be touched! But now that she's carrying his heir, Nikos is forced to make a decision.

It's time to make Serena his wife!

When one night…leads to pregnancy!

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  1. Thanks for hosting Rachael Thomas today, Maria!

  2. Hi Rachael

    Oh I am looking forward to this one not long before I dive into it I do love your stories and what a great interview thanks :)

    Have Fun

  3. Thanks Helen! It makes my day to know readers love my stories. I hope you enjoy this one.

  4. You sound very disciplined, Rachel. I do write most days, but all too often I don't bother.

  5. Thanks Diana for stopping by and enjoying!

  6. If I feel like that I tell myself 'just a sentence' and it works, because I usually find I want to write at least a few more. Thanks Patsy.

  7. Great interview, Rachael and Maria. I'm looking forward to reading the book. x


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