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Can you share a short bio? 
I studied journalism, worked in the advertising industry, then eventually stayed home with my three children for a few years. I had a mid-life epiphany that I wanted to write romance fiction, and it was a longer and harder journey than I expected :-)  Now when I'm not juggling family with writing, I enjoy playing piano, cooking, and gardening. Wish I could count housework as a hobby, but I'm not so enthused about that

What inspires your writing?
Lots of things inspire me, often unexpectedly. An article in a newspaper, or a snippet of overheard conversation will get an idea going in my brain. Also locations - if I'm blessed to visit an amazing place, I often imagine setting a story there, and what that story might be. Or something fascinating to me - I based one book on clinical trials an interventional cardiologist friend of ours is conducting in foreign countries.  Just never know when that next idea is going to strike, and I make notes and stick them in a drawer.  Sometimes I base my next book on the latest inspiration, but other times it will sit there for a long time just waiting to get out in story form. :-)

What made you press on with this writing project when things were difficult?  Because they must have been, sometimes. 
All of us experience difficult times, or even just times when life gets hectic. The first thing to get tossed aside is often something that seems dispensable - a hobby, which writing feels like until we get a publishing contract. There was a two year period when I didn't write at all due to parental health issues and general life busyness, but it always lurked in the back of my mind. I still made time to read a lot and study craft books, and finally got back into actually writing. This year, some tough times have hit again, but I now understand it's my job and something that's important to me. Writing while stressed frankly isn't fun, but I feel I've learned things about myself in the process.  Putting some of the emotions I've recently experienced into my characters hopefully will make a book better, and is a way for me to indirectly deal with them.

Please sum up your plot in a tweet-sized sentence.
Laurel is close to finding the treasure she desperately wants, and isn't about to let a hunky Greek doctor distract her!

What are your future plans, as of now, Robin? 
I have a story coming out in November that's part of a continuity of four books, Midwives On-Call at Christmas. I'm working on another continuity, LA Docs!, with other authors which will total eight books. Then I'll have a duet I'm writing with two connected stories. Still figuring out what comes after that.


The question he thought he'd never ask…

Archaeologist Laurel Evans put her career on hold to care for her younger sisters. Now, close to achieving her goals, she won't 
let anything distract her. Laurel has come to Delphi to dig up 
ancient treasures, but she finds a modern day Greek god instead—local doctor Andros Drakoulias!

A devoted single dad, Andros is determined to give his little girl stability. He knows his fling with Laurel can't last, so why is it so hard to imagine a future without her by his side?

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