DEAD MEN PLAY THE GAME - Jacqui Jacoby Returns, Paranormally!

MBB extends a warm welcome to Jacqui Jacoby today. She visited here when she released her last book, an unashamed thriller, WITH A VENGEANCE. Now she's back in a paranormal incarnation, with her vampire story, DEAD MEN PLAY THE GAME. Genre crossing is not easy to do, but with her honest-to-goodness writing style and her storytelling flair, whatever genre Jacqui Jacoby happens to write has to be worth reading.  MBB was a victim to a north Indian power cut today, so I hope Jacqui Jacoby will forgive me for posting this stop on her blog tour rather later than I should have done......


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Can you share a short bio? 
I’m older than I thought I would be when I got that one story idea that would make me feel as if it changed things. THE DEAD MEN did that for me. I had written other books I thought were well done, but there was this feeling with DEAD MEN that made me feel as if I'd found something real important.  In addition, I’ve been married a thirty-two years, have three grown kids and yes, I still get carded.  I think life is pretty damn sweet and as long as I can type, it stays that way.
What inspires your writing? 
I don’t think I’ve ever been “inspired” to write.  Writing is what I do, I always have, even when I never wrote the stories down.  I have these characters who move into my head like they are taking the house next door and they talk to me, give me directions and ideas on where they want to go.  Plots seem to come from that and it all moves forward.
What made you press on with this writing project when things were difficult?  Because they must have been, sometimes...... 
Strangely, with this series, I had very little trouble.  The characters were waiting to be found and once I met them, they took over.  Except for some personal situations that cramped into my work, the writing of THE DEAD MEN SERIES was fairly pain-free.In other books, what kept me going was knowing the second I stopped writing, the story would never be told and these characters deserved to live. I had to finish what I started or the book sat as an abandoned file on a hard drive.
 Please sum up your plot in a tweet-sized sentence. 
 Five best friends standing together as each finds love and faces an adversary.  And the five happen to be vampires.
Future plans?
 I would definitely say my plate is full for a little while.  THE DEAD MEN SERIES contains four books, two of which are done (one of those released, one in production) and two that are at about the half way point.  I’m working with the same characters so they make it pretty easy, but it is still work. In addition, I have two other books to come out in the next year and a half, MAGIC MAN and THE FOURTH SWORD.  Both of those are in the final editing stage.  So, I have a reason to hit my desk every day and reason to brew the tea and pet the cats who sleep beside me while I work.


For a hundred years, Ian Stuart has fought the monster controlling his life. Living as a human among humans, he wants to fill the void that has followed him from one empty, lonely relationship to another. Ashley Barrow is working the worst murder case in Davenport, Oregon's history. She needs a drink to forget the detailed images in her mind. When she walks into Ian's pub, Ian knows their lives are about to change, if only for a short while. Vampire and human, their relationships can only last so long. But an enemy from Ian's past has his own agenda about their future. His sadistic revenge changes Ashley forever, leaving Ian and his long time friends – Travis, Jason, Quinn and Evan - desperate to ease her into her new life and find a way to defeat their enemy.



  1. Thanks for posting about Dead Men Play the Game, Maria! And interviewing Jacqui Jacoby for MBB!

  2. Awesome interview, loved reading this post.

  3. Congratulations on the release! I've seen this book around, sounds interesting.

  4. I liked your answers to the questions, Jacqui. Congrats on the release and all the best!

  5. Reading this interview gave me more insights into the person you are Jacqui, thanks for sharing about yourself. Thanks for the intro Maria.

  6. Hey Nas. Nice to see you hear. See ya soon.

  7. You just like my cats!! That is Connor in the background and Murphy in front. I do have three more, but we won't go there. LOL

  8. Very nice to hear that. If yo9u any more questions than just ask.

  9. I don't know if I find that comforting or scary LOL


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