Delirium by Indian Author Sowmya Aji - Review and Spotlight

Soumya Aji
A Harper Collins Publication

Sports, Love, Steroids... Will love win?

I was addicted.
To him.

Anjana Narendra just can’t keep her head straight when it comes to the nation’s heartthrob,cricket vice-captain Avinash Katagi.The mere sight of him sets the heart of this thirty-one-year-old television journalist pounding, and fills her stomach with butterflies. He seems smitten too – taking her out for romantic walks in the botanical gardens, appearing by her side when she has a road accident,knocking on her door in the middle of the night. Even as Anjana is swept off her feet into a whirlwind romance,the reporter within her sniffs out the biggest scoop of the season. all too soon, she is neck-deep in trouble with her bosses and the cricket board, struggling to make sense of the sordid world of steroids and celebs. Will anjana give up the delicious young man she is hooked on to? and does she even want to? Sinful and alluring, Delirium is a heady cocktail of intrigue, temptation and betrayal.

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Meet the Author

I love day-dreaming and my close friends in this endless activity include Hamlet, Howard Roark, Absolem, Miss Marple, Elizabeth Bennett, Katniss Everdeen, Holly Short, Sirus Black, Gimli and Septimus Heap.. occasionally, Saphira also :) Otherwise, I am a serious hard-nosed print journalist who writes about politics, social issues and culture..
I've spent most of my life reading and writing.. I also love movies, dance, theatre, music, trekking, yoga.. I tried my hand at Russian and French and remember Rooski Izink Nimnoga and je sais un peu de Francaise .. (I bet I got that wrong).. but the latest language I picked up, Spanish, is very close to my heart, as I want to read Gabriel Garcia Marquez's yellow butterflies in Espanol.. I speak, read and write three Indian languages -- Kannada, Hindi, Tamil .. and my masters is in English, so I obviously love language and communication..
I also love knitting and I hate cooking :) I'm trying very hard to be good at a new job -- parenting -- to my three-year-old, but boy, is that the toughest job!

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DELIRIUM BY SOWMYA AJI - Review by Maria Perry Mohan

Anju Narendra is a reporter, as hard nosed as they come.  And this is the late nineties, when mobiles were an option, not a compulsion.  Anju is a Bangalorean in her native city and the local hero right now is a Bangalorean boy, Avinash Katagi, who’s making all the right moves in the Indian cricket team and bound for glory by the looks of things. So when Katagi starts to woo Anju and ask her out for dinner, is she bowled over? Of course she’s not.  This couldn’t be real.  Could it?  The golden boy of the Indian cricket team like, fancies me? Wants to ask me out on dates and stuff?  This is the stuff that young, impressionable girls dream about, and Anju is as tough, hardboiled and hardnosed as women news reporters come.  Isn’t she? Come on man, are you crazy?

The funniest part is, that yes, he does and no, she’s not going crazy.  Or is she? But that's only the beginning.  There's much more to this romantic story than the reporter/cricket love story angle.  But I don't do reviews with spoilers, so you're going to have to get your own copy to find out.

A lovely piece of  chick lit romance with lots and lots of lovely twists and turns..  Do yourself a favour and do not miss this. I totally hearted it.


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