Aditi Chopra's Mr. Imperfect Series - A Perfect Three-In-One

MBB is back after a fairly long Christmas break.  For our first post of the new year, we are delighted to welcome Aditi Chopra with her recently released "Mr Imperfect Series".  The set consists of Aditi's three most recent women's fiction novellas, which are based in the NRI (Non-Resident Indian) world.  There's "House of Love", "Arranged Marriage" and "Love Tango".  Nikki, Sonali and Maya, three very different non-resident Indian ladies have three very different love stories to tell.  Nikki is ABCD (American born, confused desi), that's an Indian woman born abroad.  Her love story makes intriguing reading.  She is a western woman but she cannot forget her sub-continental heritage.  Sonali is an Indian-born girl who weds a non-resident Indian man by arrangement.  And Maya - well, Maya's romance is something very different indeed.  Aditi Chopra captures the NRI world beautifully in her writing, so pick up a copy of this collection.  Well worth reading.

Aditi Chopra
About Aditi Chopra

Aditi Chopra was born in India and now lives in Texas with her family. She is passionate about writing and helping others succeed. Aditi writes NRI (Non-Resident Indian) fiction and non-fiction books. She has found her creative bone in fiction writing. Her fiction stories are rooted in Indian tradition and yet very modern. You might see a glimpse of Bollywood in her stories and will definitely enjoy the emotional ride.


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Interview with Aditi Chopra

Aditi, you are known primarily as a business person.  From where did you get the motivation to write fiction?
I wanted to challenge myself in the writing business and see if I could write fiction.  Overcoming a challenge has always been a part of my personality.

From where do you get your ideas?
Great question!  Inspiration is everywhere, we just need to keep our eyes open!  When I think of a concept for a book, inspiration starts appearing in front of me from various avenues.

Is writing fiction work for you, or is it fun?
It is a lot of fun.  I enjoy the whole process, right from the conceptualization to writing the scenes.  It's a lot more creative than non-fiction.

Do you identify with your main characters?
Most of my female characters are career driven and I have always been like that, so yes, I do identify with them at that level.

Are there more NRI fiction stories to come?
Yes, absolutely.  At the time of this interview, I am working on a story involving corporate drama, currently focussing on characterization.


HOUSE OF LOVE: She’s done it again.
Aditi Chopra has her finger firmly on the pulse of the condition of what is sometimes called the ABCD (American Born, Confused Desi). A person of Indian origin, born in the western world to Indian parents. The world calls you Indian, but your inner feelings are not so sure. How do you reconcile your Indian heritage with the way of life you know now? Will you wear Indian or western dress? To date or not to date? You find the person you want to marry. Do you submit your choice for parental approval? If they withhold their approval, what will you do? Follow your heart? Or follow your culture?A deceptively simple novella which makes some excellent points. The characters of Nikki Desai and her boyfriend Karan and the dilemmas they face make for interesting reading. For anyone interested in modern Indian culture and the changes faced by young Indian in today’s fast changing world. Or for anyone who just enjoys a good story.

ARRANGED MARRIAGE: A deceptively simple novella from a wonderful writer of NRI (non-resident Indian) fiction, Aditi Chopra. I say Chopra’s work is deceptively simple because while her stories are engaging, easy to read and straightforward enough, I think she’s one author who perfectly sums up the NRI experience in a nutshell. Straddling two cultures is not easy – there is the deeply rooted, traditional culture of the Indian sub-continent on one hand, with it’s myriad obligations and accompanying advantages of permanence, security and sometimes suffocating grip. Then there’s the freedom and sometimes the rootlessness of western life, which can seems initially attractive to outsiders yet can be empty and indifferent for those who don’t have real roots there. There’s a freshness about this story which draws the reader in and the characters of Ishan and Sonali, finding their way towards love and companionship, are so likeable that the reader finds herself (or himself) caring for them and about what happens to them.
This book is perfect for romance readers, for lovers of contemporary Indian fiction and even for people who desire to know more about Indian culture. A short, enjoyable and insightful
read, which will please you as much as it will teach you.

LOVE TANGO: An enjoyable romance from the author whom I call the queen of NRI fiction. I don't know what it is, but I find Aditi Chopra's fiction very soothing and enjoyable. Just the type of relaxing read you need after a busy day. It's the story of Maya Sarin a non-resident Indian dance teacher who runs her own school. The hero is Tahir Ali, the son of Turkish immigrants to the US. The pair meet and find their equation very good. But when difficulties and misunderstandings arise, will the two of them be able to sort them out?

I liked the fact that in Maya and Tahir being from different communities wasn't even an issue. Very refreshing.

I read each book of the series as it was released and I am happy that it has been released as a trilogy. It is a good buy for people who like reading stories about India, or the Indian experience abroad.

Maria Perry Mohan

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  1. I agree that inspiration is everywhere if we look for it.

  2. Aditi is my old friend and I am happy to her review and interview. She is a prolific writer who had helped me step into publishing world via my Choices, and I still owe her a lot :)

    Maria, you have done justice to this interview!!

    Two cheers to both of you!!

  3. Wonderful and in depth interview. What interesting books. Will read them.
    Aditi is a good writer.

  4. Hi Maria... this series sounds very interesting. NRI fiction should be a genre in itself, me thinks! Aditi, wishi you much success with your writing. :)

  5. Thanks Ruchira for your kind words! I am happy to have helped you. Hope you keep enjoying writing and keep breaking new ground!

  6. Yup, our brains get trained for it.

  7. Thanks Adite. You're right, there are so many aspects to NRI living that it can be a genre of its own. I owe it to Maria for coining the phrase "NRI Fiction"!!


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