Meet Anya Richards, Historical Fiction Author

MBB is happy to welcome Anya Richards, historical author, to the blog.  Her new release is a great read and I really enjoyed it, as I love historical fiction.  Anya Richards is currently on a blogging tour with Romance Book Haven to celebrate her new release.


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How do you come up with the ideas for new stories?
Inspiration can come from almost anywhere. I’m terribly curious and love delving into subjects I don’t know much or anything about, and often a small nugget of information will jump out at me, leading to a ‘what if?’ moment. I’ve also had characters jump, almost fully formed, into my head (which can be a little freaky!). It’s a matter, I think, of staying open to the muse and letting the ideas flow.

Does writer's block ever happen to you?
Unfortunately, yes. I sometimes find ‘real’ life interferes with my ability to get the words out.

How do you/would you cope if/when it strikes?
I just step back (which can be scary if you have a deadline) and try to get the problems sorted out, then ease back into it. I’ve learned not to flay myself over it, or it just lingers

Of all the stories you've written, what's your favourite?
Holy cats! That’s like asking a mother which is her favorite child! I will say that, although all my stories have a special place in my heart, the very first novel I ever finished might just be my favorite. It’s never been published, but it holds that place because completing it let me know I actually could write an entire book and also because my father read it and liked it very much (it wasn’t erotic, in case you’re wondering LOL!) and that meant a lot to me

Do you live in your character's world while you write?

Very much so. When the story is flowing I’m living and breathing with the characters, wanting to get into their heads, wanting to understand them and see where that new knowledge will take us all. Any book I can’t ‘inhabit’ with my characters gets put aside. That tells me there’s something missing and either I’ll figure out what it is and press on, or it’ll never get finished.


His seductive rhythm calls to the passionate soul hiding within…
Jane Rollins is anything but plain, but to keep her position as housekeeper to a wealthy family, she is content to hide her beauty behind a dull façade. This deception has become second-nature to her—until dance master Sergio Fontini waltzes into her life.

While the other inhabitants of the house see him as a foreigner and beneath their notice, Jane sees strength, barely leashed power, and an aura of iron control—an irresistible, arousing combination.

Sergio sees through Jane’s disguise to the woman beneath, and the desires in her veiled gaze call to him like the utterly irresistible strains of a beautiful symphony. The circumstances couldn’t be worse, for seducing her will endanger both their livelihoods. 

Yet there are lessons he cannot resist teaching her, steps of a dance that crescendos to her final surrender…

Product Warnings

A deliciously seductive Italian unmasks a supposedly respectable Victorian woman and leads her into a lust-filled pas de deux.

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  1. Thank you for having me here today, Maria, and for your kind words about Bellissima!

  2. My pleasure, Anya. And thanks for being on my blog.

  3. Loved the interview and thanks for the giveaway!


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