Bards of the Blogosphere Special - A Bard a Day - No. 5 Sulekha Rawat

Have you heard of the Bards of the Blogosphere? If not, let me explain. We (because I'm a member too) are a group of Indian-based bloggers, randomly brought together by Blogadda, the Indian blogging hub. We are co-writing a novella.  It's well underway and is an exciting story of drama, intrigue, suspense and.....well, you'll just have to read it to find out.  The Bards are taking part inthe Game of Blogs, an activity promoted by Blogadda to #CelebrateBlogging.  Let's meet the Bards, one by one. On Wednesday, we met Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan. Thursday, we met the vivacious Divyakshi Gupta from Mumbai.  Friday, we met the multi-faceted Priyanka Roy Banerjee!  Yesterday, it was the turn of the enigmatic Nupur Maskara.  And today, we have the talented Sulekha Rawat.


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Can you share a little about yourself?
Hi, I am Sulekha Rawat, friends and family know me as Lucky. Writer and Co-founder of, I am interested in Social Media, Branding, Marketing, Content writing, Creative Writing, Poetry and Blogging. I started off as a science student but ended up being an artist :) Writing challenges and consumes me, it throws my life out of gear and makes everyday interesting and worth living. I haven’t unraveled all the intricate layers of life yet, but am getting there. I embrace friends and their pain becomes mine, their joys make me happy. I can’t detach myself from those I care about and it hurts me at times, but it’s all an integral part of who I am. I sing off-key, dance with two left feet and enjoy each and every moment of life.

How are you enjoying being a Bard of the Blogosphere?
I am loving it. Blogadda did a wonderful thing by making us write as a team. The Bards of the Blogosphere is a lot more than a team now, it is a big happy family. We plan, plot, offer constructive criticism, have healthy discussions, and wholeheartedly cheer each other on. Can’t imagine life without my fellow Bards J

How does it feel to co-write a novella?  Have you done this before?
It feels great to co write a novella, it is a novel experience for me (pardon the pun)

Do you know the ending to the story?
Yes, we all do. We all have written the story in our heads and know where it ends, we just have to put it down on our blogs for the world to read and enjoy. Hopefully when our book comes out J

Can you sum up this experience in a Tweet sized sentence?
The Bards of the Blogosphere are here to stay,
They discuss their story and write everyday.
They celebrate blogging in their  special way.

AND NOW:  THE BOOK  (still a WIP/Work in Progress)

Week 1: 
Chapter 1 - Princess' Day Out
Chapter 2 - The Weekend Brunch
Chapter 3 - The Journey
Chapter 4 - The Phone Call
Chapter 5 - Through the Eyes of a Stranger
Chapter 6 - The Princess and her Pied Piper
Chapter 7 - Shadow play turns real
Chapter 8 - Mysterious Tattoo
Chapter 9 - The Confrontation

Week 2:
Chapter 1 - I'm coming to get you, Princess
Chapter 2 - The evening before
Chapter 3 - A Good morning
Chapter 4 - Trigger happy
Chapter 5 - The Calm before the storm
Chapter 6 - What lies beneath
Chapter 7 - Pandemonium
Chapter 8 - Whodunnit
Chapter 9 - The Divulgence

It's currently a free read online, with the different chapters found at the various blogs of the writers.  Please visit, follow the story and above all, respond. Leave comments on our posts and Facebook page.

The Bards of the Blogosphere are on Facebook:  Find us here


  1. Thanks Maria. It's a pleasure to be featured here. We are a wonderful team at #BardsoftheBlogosphere and will definitely win this game of blogs :-) Touchwood.

  2. It is great to see your face and get to know you, Sulekha.


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