A New Short Story Collection from Karen Clarke

Author Karen Clarke has a new short story collection out, featuring fifty five of her short stories.  As short reads are considered very suitable for the busy life we lead to day, I can highly recommend this writer.  Her short stories are superb reads.    I took the opportunity to have a chat with Karen about her writing and to ask her to tell us some more about herself......


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Are short stories easier to write than novels?
Short stories are easier in that they’re much quicker to write, and I like the fast turnaround after the much longer time-span involved in writing a novel, but it’s a very different discipline fitting a satisfying story into a thousand words or so and making it exciting/interesting/emotional and satisfying.

What made you want to be a writer?
Our family didn’t have a television growing up, so reading was our entertainment and escapsim and my love of writing sprang from that – I wanted to do what my favourite authors were doing.

Before becoming a full-time writer, what did you work at?
I had many jobs before becoming a writer – and still work part-time in a library – including secretarial work, being a pub manager, a wedding photographer and running a small supermarket.  All good fodder for story-writing!

What inspires you?
Lots of things – stories in the media, overheard conversations, story prompts, and if all else fails I think of a first line and take the story from there – it usually works.
It's so hard to make it in short fiction - what's the secret of your success?
Some of my early efforts weren’t that good looking back, but writing improves with practise so I try to write everyday, and submit at least one story a week.  I don’t think I’d ever have got the confidence to start sending them out if I hadn’t joined on online writing group, as the feedback and support is invaluable. Perseverance is key, so (in the style of a certain dance show host)... keeeeep writing :o) 


A lively collection of fifty-five short stories where nothing is quite as it seems…

A couple on holiday in Italy realise their marriage is over
An ambulance races a pregnant woman to hospital
A passenger on a train rethinks becoming a parent
An uninvited guest causes ripples at a wedding
A woman steps into the spotlight to dance her first tango
A man is followed to the florist’s by his…wife?

Stories of love, loss, hope, betrayal, and the occasional ghost - all with the ending you least expect. 
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  1. Thanks for having me, Maria :o)

  2. A super anthology! ....and a really interesting interview Karen and Maria - thank you! I totally agree that writing improves with practice - and that perseverance is the key!

  3. Fifty five short stories? Wow Karen, I'm impressed!!! Nice one lady :)

  4. Super, inspiring interview Maria and Karen.

    I've got your Behind Closed Doors and can't wait to read the stories :o) xx

  5. Fascinating interview Maria and Karen. I'm really looking forward to reading this book. xx

  6. It's great to be able to write short stories alongside the novels, the best of both worlds. I have your anthology of short stories on my kindle; can't wait to dip in!

  7. Fifty-five ‘tales with a twist’ – now that’s what I call a great short story collection. I’m looking forward to reading them, Karen. Thank you both for great interview. Rx

  8. Hi Mandy, welcome to the blog. Great to see you over here.

  9. Hello Jill, welcome to the blog. Thanks for coming over to support Karen.

  10. Delighted to see you over here, Rena.

  11. 55 of Karen's stories? That should provide plenty of entertainment.

  12. Thank you all for your lovely comments :o)

  13. Sounds like an interesting story. Congrats Karen!

    Thanks Maria.



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