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Author Yael Levy is a native New Yorker, who lived in Israel for several years. She is a freelance illustrator and a journalist, as well as an author of romance novels, unique in that they feature heroines who are Orthodox Jews.  This extremely talented woman is currently studying for a Master's degree in law at Emory University in the USA.  

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Excerpts from an interview with author Yael Levy:

What inspired you to write novels?
I was writing freelance articles for City Lights, The Jerusalem Post weekend magazine – when my editor asked me for an article on how Orthodox Jews date. I realized I couldn’t do the topic justice in one article. What I had to write was a book. It took four years to write the first draft of Brooklyn Love when my kids were asleep early in the morning and late at night, another four years to learn how to rewrite and polish my craft, and six years to learn about the business.
Are any of your characters based on anyone you know?

OMG! Though the books are fiction, the characters and stories are based on the community I grew up in. There were many people and true events that inspired the creations of my characters…but more on a communal sense: no one character is modeled after anyone specific. I knew I did a good job of recreating my community when a friend of mine mentioned she saw Hindy (a fictional character in Brooklyn Love) on a train and wished there were more people like her in the world. (There are! They just tend to be modest and go under the radar;-)

Are the messages you learned at your family dinner table the same you’re hoping to share in your books?
Ideally, I’d like readers to come to understand Orthodox Jews not as the “others” as portrayed in misled headlines – but as people with much of the same yearnings, dreams and feelings as everybody else! I also feel it important to note that while certain similarities exist across observant Judaism, every Orthodox community is different. Orthodox Judaism is often all lumped together in the media – but the observances and cultural nuances could be as varied as, say an Amish lifestyle might be from a Catholic or Southern Baptist.

Some question/answers especially for MBB

Why this genre (New Adult Paranormal)?  Do you write in other genres too?

This genre is New Adult because the hero of this book is in college and many of the characters grapple with issues that new adults could relate to in terms of their identities, careers and relationships.I like writing Young/ New Adult, and Women's Fiction. My debut novel Brooklyn Love is a New Adult which is set in an Orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn, NY, though my second book, Starstruck is very light escapist "MomLit." I really enjoy the works of Carl Hiaasen and the late Elmore Leonard and try to infuse mulit-layered plots and that "quirk" factor into my own works. I write for the story (not the genre,) so I'm working now on a more serious Women's Fiction project-- though of course it is quirky;-) 

Could you just sum up the plot of your latest release TOUCHDOWN in a Tweet sized statement?  (140 characters)

Male/ Female, North/ South, Dead/ Alive, TRUE LOVE: TOUCHDOWN! Yael Levy's New Adult.

Thanks Yael for being my guest today!  All the best with your sales for this new release and looking forward to seeing more writing from you in the near future!!!!

New York socialite Goldie Fischer seems to have it all: wealth, beauty, and a fiancĂ© to die for. Until she’s murdered on her wedding night by a jealous witch and instantaneously loses everything. Angry and seeking revenge, Goldie becomes a dybbuk. Her soul possesses the body of Southern football hero Clay Harper and she refuses to join the light until the wrongs are rectified.

Only Clay has issues of his own and doesn’t take kindly to a petulant New Yorker in his head, interfering in his already messed up life. When Goldie promises to leave if Clay helps her break up the wedding between her fiancĂ© and the witch who killed her, Clay reluctantly agrees. Only neither of them is prepared for the chain of events that follow.

Through the journey of two disparate people on a quest to make things right, Touchdown is a funny yet heartbreaking look about what it takes to truly know another soul and what it means to love.
Sensuality Level: Behind Closed Doors

A New Adult Paranormal genre novel, published by Crimson Romance.

Get it here:  Amazon     Amazon UK     Crimson Romance


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