Sarah England's Debut Novel EXPECTED - and a free download.

Today, it gives me great pleasure to welcome the very lovely Sarah England to MBB to tell us something about her debut novel, EXPECTED.  EXPECTED is a little bit different from the other books I've introduced so far on MBB.  The reason being that EXPECTED is a comedy novel.  Now of all the genres there is, this has to be the hardest to write.  Looking at Sarah, it's really quite surprising that she's written comedy, because I would have thought of her as very much the type of lady to write romance.  Looks can be deceiving, right?  Let's get to know Sarah a little better!


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Can you share briefly what made you a writer, Sarah?
I've wanted to write fiction since I was a little girl sitting on the backseat of my dad's cortina on rainy holidays, reading my mother's Victoria Holt novels... Alas I didn't get the time or opportunity until I was very much older; but by then I'd had lots of life experiences and the romantic stories had turned into comedy and horror... 

That's something we have in common.  My dad had a cortina too!  What was your first published piece?
My first ever published story was in My Weekly magazine, 2006, and it was called 'Table for Two' - about a mother waiting for her long lost daughter to turn up after a family rift.

Why did you choose the comedy genre for your novel?  I imagine it's rather difficult!
I'm afraid comedy chose me....  I am one of those people who trip up, say the wrong things, get into messes, inadvertently upset people, can't stop laughing even when no one else is, and see the juxtaposition of comedy and tragedy in almost everything. So a lot of my short stories are humorous, or paradoxically spooky and horrific - my other passion!

Can you sum up  your book in a Tweet sized sentence? (140 characters Max)
'Expected' tweet - - 'Sam Sweet is terrified of childbirth. But it's expected by her mother and big-shot doctor boyfriend. Mind-games ensue with catastrophic results.'  

What's next for Sarah England?
I have also just published '3am and Wide Awake' - a collection of 25 thrillers - many supernatural and also medical. So that's where I'm probably heading. With a medical  background & a fascination with all things psychic, hopefully a supernatural thriller. Or maybe a sequel to Sam Sweet in 'Expected'. I suspect I may have left her in far too comfortable a situation...  

Comedy and thrillers!  My goodness, you are a versatile author.....that's a great talent you have!  Thank you Sarah for coming to this blog to tell us about your work.


Sam Sweet is a failed psychiatric nurse from a sink estate in Weston Super mare (UK). Her mother’s husband ran off with another woman 20 years ago - although you'd think it happened only yesterday - and the dragon mother's one ambition is to be a grandmother.
 But Sam is terrified of giving birth. She is easily traumatised and has no ambition to return to the sink estate and have dozens of children. She just wants a chance to do something with her life first, to fall in love, to see a bit of the world. Alas, in a drunken stupor she meets Simon - the psychopathic surgeon, who promises her a wonderful life and she believes him - because she is a dingbat and has a lot to learn.
 In addition to this, her latest job is injecting facial fillers and clients are suing because it’s going lumpy. Making matters even worse, her best friend, also her boss, is sexually jealous to the point of blind rage because her boyfriend fancies Sam and does little to hide it. Sam is coping - by shopping and over eating chocolate. She piles on weight and sinks deeply  into debt, at which point Simon the surgeon starts playing serious mind games; and by the time it dawns on Sam just what a horrific mess she's in - well might as well pass her the JCB because she keeps on digging.
Then, as the company spirals downwards and all knives are out for survival, a new MD is brought in from the states - Joel - WOWEE - Madison. Instantly Sam falls for him, but her mother is now going bonkers - has booked the wedding...with the psychopathic surgeon...oh it's getting worse...fireworks? You bet... but that would be telling...'

Get this book here:  Amazon    Amazon UK

Download a sample of Sarah England's work absolutely free!

DESPERATE WOMEN, a mini ebook (comedy) by Sarah England, is presently available on SMASHWORDS  to download in ALL  formats.  To download your free copy, follow the link and at the checkout, apply the coupon no. SP93M


  1. Great interview! Comedy and also thrillers? Sarah seems an eclectic writer.

    Congratulations Sarah.

    Thanks Maria.


  2. Sarah is a talented writer with a wonderful sense of humor.
    She can see the bright side of a situation and build a great word picture to share with others.

  3. A bit random but as I'm from Bristol - why Weston Super Mare?

  4. Enjoyed your interview! Best of luck with your new novel! xxx

  5. Great interview!

    Congrats on the new release!

  6. Download that story she has on Smashwords. It takes minutes to read and will have you in splits...

  7. Oh yes, DogsMom, she is talented. And being able to write humour is terrific because laughter is the best medicine.

  8. I'll ask Sarah to come over and answer this question, Diana. Thanks for your question.

  9. Hi Edith! Thank you for reading and commenting.

  10. Thank you so much, RR! Lovely to see you over here.

  11. LifeAsYouLiveIt5 July 2013 at 23:16

    Good luck with the new release.

  12. I find it so difficult to write comedy - wish I had more of that in me :) Off to check out the book... :)

  13. Congratulations on the release-- will download the free book!

  14. Loved the interview, Maria and Sarah! Horror and comedy--what a combination;). Sarah, best of luck with the new release!

  15. Hi Sarah and Maria, I was laughing just reading the blurb! I'm off now to download your free story:) Thanks!

  16. Goodness, Sam Sweet!!! What a life story!! I just hope hunky Joel - WOWEE! - comes to the rescue asap and gives you a break! LOL!!

    All the best with your fun and fizzling (is that even a word? But you know the blurb reminded me of a good bottle of champers about to fizz up and explode!!!!) book! Take care

  17. Thanks ever so much - I am so glad you enjoyed the interview - it's my first novel and - gulp...bit nervous! Thank you!

  18. Hi Diana - In my mind Sam came from the West country. I tried having her from Sheffield, where I come from, but it didn't work out - she needed to have a softer accent. I now live in Dorset so I thought....yes I like this accent... it suited her... I'm rambling....sorry but it's a good question and the honest answer is I don't know... ha!

  19. Oh I hope you enjoy it Jemi....gulp....

  20. Thanks so much - yes I am a bit of an eclectic writer - the bipolar extremes of the literary spectrum. Glad you enjoyed the interview, kindest wishes, Sarah x

  21. Love to make people laugh!! x

  22. I like 'fizzling' - can I pinch it?? yes poor Sam has a rough time of it but I can tell you that she makes it to a happy ending - sort of... ha!

  23. It's just a little story but hope you enjoy it. And many thanks!


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