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Today, I welcome Mariam Kobras to MBB.  Mariam's latest release is Song of the Storm, which is the third part of her wonderful Stone Trilogy, which I'm in the process of reading right now.  The other books in the series are The Distant Shore (Part I) and Under The Same Sun (Part II).  Mariam is based in Germany, where she lives with her family. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that she has roots in India, where I live.  She is published by Buddhapuss Ink.


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Mariam, what inspires you to write? In other words, what propels you towards your keyboard?

Oh dear, what a difficult question!

When I started writing about four years ago, it was a snippet of what would become the story of  The Distant Shore that made me want to write. For quite a while after that, I really believed that I was a one-book-author and that this was it for me.Then I was signed by my publisher, Buddhapuss Ink, and strangely, this was the motivation to go on writing. Their support and encouragement made me go on. It’s incredible to see my third book, Song of the Storm, released, and only eighteen months after the first!

Writing the first book was a fun adventure. Writing the others was somehow more serious. I felt the responsibility of delivering something worthwhile. Which doesn’t mean the fun was gone, but more like a justification to see it as my job.Does that make sense? I guess what I’m trying to say it that I love writing for my publisher.

Yes, it makes sense Mariam.  If you have a publisher for whom you love to work, that must make the job of writing more  enjoyable.  My next question is,  do you have daily writing targets? Or do you only write when you have a deadline?

Actually, neither. I just write. The deadlines my publisher sets me are very generous. I normally submit long before they expire. I write every day, but sometimes it’s only one sentence, and sometimes three-thousand words. There is no rule.

Mariam, are you a plotter or a pantser? Do you plot your stories in advance or do you go where the muse takes you?

A little of both. Song of the Storm was plotted, the other two books in the Stone Trilogy weren’t. I remember starting out on Under the Same Sun (book two) without a clue where it would lead me. In the end, it won me the Independent Publisher’s Silver Medal.

Song of the Storm is different, and difficult. The main part of the story revolves around Jon and Naomi finally finding calm waters. They have just finished a world tour with Jon’s band and are settling into the house in Brooklyn that Naomi gave Jon as a wedding present. They are busy staging a Broadway musical they wrote together, are expecting a baby, and Naomi has begun writing a novel. So there’s a lot going on, but all of it is really good, and feels like they are seeing their dreams for their life together coming true. But I also wanted to include 9/11 in the storyline too. So they go through what some of my real life friends went through that day. It was harder to take my friends’ memories and write them through the eyes/voices of Jon, Naomi and their friends and families.  I had to be very careful about it too. I knew my readers wouldn’t forgive me if I got my facts wrong.

My publisher was, as always, meticulous with the editing and I think we came up with a good book, and a good documentation of what some people experienced on September 11th

Can you sum up your novel in a tweet-sized sentence (140 characters)?

When dreams come true for some and worlds crash for others, when friendships are tested and true love is found at last—the Song of the Storm.   LOL - I actually tried it out. This novel is pretty complex.

Thanks Mariam, I know that's not always an easy question.  So, what’s next for Mariam Kobras after this book?

Oh! I’ve written another one in the meantime, The Rosewood Guitar, which will be released in spring 2014. It’s the story of young Jon Stone (before Naomi) and his climb to fame. And just recently I’ve begun on the companion book, “Waiting for a Song”, which will be Naomi’s story before Jon. I know where I’m going after that, but it’s too early to talk about it. Let me just say, I’m looking forward to a long time as a Buddhapuss Ink author.

Thanks for interviewing me Maria, it’s been a blast!

Thanks for being here, Mariam.  It's been a pleasure hosting a stop on your blog hop.

This was the fourteenth stop on Mariam’s Blog Hop. For a chance to win a copy of her book, or other great prizes, please check the BUDDHAPUSS INK  blog here.  Tomorrow Mariam’s book, Song of the Storm, will be reviewed by Amberr Meadows. See you there!


When dreams come true for some and worlds crash for others, when friendships are tested and true love is found at last--that is the Song of the Storm. The conclusion of the award-winning Stone Trilogy brings the love story of Jon and Naomi full circle; with some things lost and some things gained, they discover the true value of love and family, and the high cost of survival in our world today.

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  1. Congrats, Mariam on the release of your book. I have a question for you too (I hope you don't mind Maria!). Do you plot the stories of each of your books in a series before you start writing on the first book? Or do you treat each book as a stand-alone one?

    Maria, great questions, as usual. Love reading your blog. :)

  2. Oh dear, no plotting! When I wrote my first book (The Distant Shore, Book One in the Stone Trilogy) I had no idea I'd EVER write another one! When my publisher had accepted it, they asked me if I could write a series, and I said yes. And then I spent two months thinking about what to write.
    I think it was while I was writing Under the Same Sun (Book Two) that I began developing the idea for Book Three, and consequently, later books. I'm not a good plotter. Each book grows from the one before… sort of. ;)

  3. Wow, that's amazing. I would be totally lost. LOL. Thanks for sharing your process.

  4. Great reading about you and your processes Mariam. Congratulations on the release. The series sound interesting.

    Thanks Maria!


  5. Hi Mariam,

    I love your name:)

    You are very fortunate to have found a publisher you enjoy working for, and whose editing is meticulous. That's very important.

    Interesting interview, Maria!

    Very best wishes.

  6. Thank you, Cherie. Working with Buddhapuss Ink has been fun from the first moment. I'm looking forward to working with them for a long time yet. :)

  7. Having no rules certainly seems to be working very well for you, Mariam.

  8. Great interview! Thanks for sharing.

    Congrats on the release!

  9. Hi Adite, Hi Mariam, I'm coming in a little late this week as I've been offline owing to computer issues, which I hope doesn't make me too bad a blog host. Adite, thanks for initiating the discussion and asking and interesting question and thanks to Mariam for the wonderful reply.

  10. Hi Patsy. Great to see you over here.

  11. I like the summing up in the tweet-sized sentence, not an easy thing to do!


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