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I'm happy to welcome Kamy Chetty back to MBB. This author, who's originally a nurse, has been extremely busy with lots of releases within the last few months, including the romantic thriller FALLING INTO PARADISE and the emotionally rich FAMILY TIES.  Her latest release, BREATHE AGAIN, promises to be just as attention grabbing as the previous two releases.


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What inspires you?
I am fascinated by people and their motivations to do things and this could be in their personal lives or things that end up in the evening news, but either way it gives me something to work with for that next book.

Plotter or pantser?
Both, I start with an idea and characters and a basic plan but then my characters tend to steer me on the journey which can make the story and life very interesting

Your book in 140 characters (tweet size)
A man torn between the hurt of his past and the hope and joy a family can bring to his future

What's next?
More writing, it’s what keeps me out of trouble most days. I have many stories and characters that I would like to get out there so it’s trying to find that balance in getting it done that’s the hard part.

Have you any desire to cross genres?
Definitely. At the moment I am doing a mix of medical with some suspense or medical, all romance and all steamy hot or otherwise classed as erotic romance but I would like to cross over to paranormal. I think it would be great to try something different and I have an obsession for vampires.

Thank you so much for having me here, it’s always a pleasure to visit :)


After a tour at war and countless shifts in the hospital emergency room, Nick knows that no matter how hard he tries to change things, people are the same. So when his estranged wife Skylar reveals that she stopped taking birth control and is pregnant, he shouldn’t be shocked. Betrayal burns and panic sets in as memories of his shattered home life remind him that he can’t play happy families.

Skylar knows one thing—she’s head over nurse’s shoes in love with the stubborn and unemotional Nick. She loves him enough to believe in the man he is, even though he can’t see it for himself and hides behind a mask. As he calls their child “hers” and tries to live apart from her, Skylar’s heart breaks, but she refuses to give up hope that he’ll do the right thing.

When disaster strikes, Skylar realizes Nick might never change, so she risks everything and sets him free, hoping he’ll come back, for her and their baby. Is heat, passion and a vow enough to seal this marriage and make them a family?

Reader Alert!

Their passion and devotion will make you root for them, and their sexual tension will set you ablaze.

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Kamy is ready to give an ecopy of this book away to one commenter, so please leave a comment before you go.


  1. Hi Kamy and Maria!

    I loved reading your answers to Maria's quick questions, Kamy!

    Congrats on the release of BREATHE AGAIN and all the best!

    Thanks Maria.

  2. Awwwww Nick and Skylar and their baby were meant to be! All the best Kamy! Take care

  3. Glad you think so, I am a great believer in happy endings:-)

  4. I'm a combination of plotter and pantster as well - it's fun! :)

    Don't enter me into the draw as I've already enjoyed my own copy of Kamy's story!! :)

  5. Hi, Kamy and Maria! Enjoyed the interview:). Breathe Again sounds wonderful--best of luck with the new release!

  6. This sounds like a 'hold your breath' story, full of sexual tension:) Just how I like it.
    Very best wishes, Kamy!

  7. Hi Nas and Kamy,

    Welcome back to both of you!

  8. Hi Kitty, it's good to see you here!

  9. I generally plot and then don't stick to the plot!

  10. Thanks Maria. Good to see you here.

  11. Hi Kamy and Maria .. Breathe sounds an interesting story - but your choice of moving off into medical/suspense stories sound great too - especially with your background ..

    Good luck - cheers Hilary


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