Part 6

Oriel was back in his room.  He seldom booked into hotels.  He had places he could stay in if he needed.  Sometimes, so set on his mission, he didn't even bother.  But today was different.  Tomorrow, he was going to enter the inside of the earth.  He was going to go down there and get Rebecca.  To say he wasn't afraid would have been wrong.  He had no idea how to go about this. How long would this mission take?  Could he do this?  Was he crazy?  Every fibre of his being trembled.  He couldn't do this. Yet he couldn't not do this.

The room was bare.  He had no belongings to leave lying around.  No.  Oriel always travelled light. He absently opened the drawer of the locker beside his bed and there he saw it.  The Gideon Bible.  Here in Hellsprings!  He drew it out.  He loved the Word.  It was food and drink to him.  Yet he never carried it anywhere.  It was written in full on his heart.  Yet he felt the need to feast on the Word right now, like never before.

He opened the well thumbed book and went straight to Psalm 23.

Even though I walk in the valley of the shadow of death/No evil will I fear?For thou art with me

His thoughts wandered back to his last meeting with the Master. He had promised to be with Oriel and although he had not encouraged him to take up his Mission. He had promised to be with me, Oriel mused. I am not alone. The Word of God always comforted him in his dark days and today was one of those days. One of the darkest ever. He didn't remember feeling this dark since before the Great Sacrifice. Or the time of the Great War of the Heavens, when he and his brother companion Caladrel......Caladrel! What had brought him to mind right now? He hadn't thought of Caladrel for centuries. Caladrel, his brother and dearest friend. Someone he missed deep in his heart, even today. His beloved brother had been lost in the Great War. Oriel found it hard to believe that his brother had defected to the other side, but apparently, it was true. A moan escaped him. The battle between good and evil was ongoing and casualties were always there. If Caladrel was not alive and on this plane, where was he? Was he a prisoner of Hell, like Rebecca? Perhaps......

"Don't doubt me, Oriel. I told you I would always be with you. You have a cloak of invisibility you can always use as you visit the pits......"

He looked up and found himself looking into the gentle and fathomless eyes of the Master. "Master..." He fell on his knees before the Lord, totally in awe and reverence. The Master had deep, penetrating eyes that did not blink.

"You know the cloak of which I speak?"

"Yes, Master. It's the Word. Written on my heart....."

The Master smiled, satisfied. "Even though you walk in the valley of the shadow of death, no evil will you fear.....remember how my earthly mother hid from the enemy before My Mission began.....she was surrounded by the Word and by Divine Love. That shield is available for you too, Oriel. Use it well....." Oriel felt heartened by this Visitation....

Later in the night, he prayed for several hours.

"Almighty Father, in the name of Your Divine Son, forgiving all who have injured me......" He paused, recollected and continued.

"Your Holy Word says that whatever we ask for in prayer, believing, we shall receive......" Again he paused....

"I ask that You give me the strength to go down into the depths of the Enemy's lair and bring back child. She was taken there illegally."

Then he let the heavenly language take over, the prayer of the heart, the prayer of the Spirit. He knew not what he said but he knew that his Lord did. Having finished his prayer, he fell into a deep sleep.



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