Helen Lacey Talks About The Second Book!

ANNOUNCEMENT:  The winner of  the giveaway for Helen's latest novel MARRIAGE UNDER THE MISTLETOE is Libby Mercer.  Congratulations Libby.

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A warm welcome to author Helen Lacey, who is joining us on the blog today from Australia.  Helen's first published novel MADE FOR MARRIAGE was released earlier this year as a Harlequin Special Editions book.   Her second release, MARRIAGE UNDER THE MISTLETOE,  also on Harlequin Special Editions, is now hitting the shelves.  I followed Helen's blog tour (following her first release) with great interest and I can hardly believe that it's time for the next book already.  Helen agreed to answer some questions for me about this second release, and how it feels to have the second book published.

1.Helen, it seems like hardly any time since your first book MADE FOR MARRIAGE hit the shelves and now it's time for the next one. How does it feel to have a second book coming out? Is it as exciting as it was the first time around?

Yes, absolutely. My second release is equally as exciting as the first. Both characters in Marriage Under The Mistletoe featured in the first book, so it was lovely to write their story and give them a happy ending.

2. Now that you're a published author, has it made things easier for your writing, or harder?

Not harder, I just make sure I am organized and meet my deadlines.

3. Is your second book MARRIAGE UNDER THE MISTLETOE set in the same world as your first book, or in a different one?

Yes, the same little seaside town of Crystal Point, which sits at the most southern tip of The Great Barrier Reef.

4. I noticed that horses were featured prominently in your first book and I came to know through following your blog tour that you're a keen horsewoman. Will horses feature in MARRIAGE UNDER THE MISTLETOE?

Unfortunately there are no horses in Marriage Under The Mistletoe – but there certainly will be in future books. The heroine in my third book which releases in January has a horse. Since animals are such a big part of my life, sharing that connection with readers is very important
to me.

5. MADE FOR MARRIAGE had a thought provoking message, that it's not biology that makes a parent but commitment, love and caring. When your hero, Noah, revealed that because of his first wife's affairs, he wasn't sure if he was the real father of his
kids, that really rang a bell. I had a friend who married a man with a similar situation and approach, so I knew that this can really happen. This was the surprise factor that made your novel a little different from a run-of-the-mill story. Will MARRIAGE UNDER THE MISTLETOE have a similar surprise hidden inside?

Thanks you so much for saying that. Special Edition books draw on the theme of Life, Love & Family, with the things that happen in the stories being parallel to what happens in real life, to everyday people. When I wrote Marriage Under The Mistletoe I wanted to explore the older woman/younger man theme and create a heroine who’d shut down after the death of her husband and believed love the second time around had passed her by.

6. After the excitement of your first release, was it hard to come back to normality and adopt a routine to write every day?

The excitement was fabulous and I enjoyed every moment, but I was on a deadline during that release month so still had to keep writing. Plus, I had been writing for a long time before getting published and was in a steady writing routine. Now I feel incredibly grateful to be able to write full time.

International Edition
7. Can you give us an idea of what MARRIAGE UNDER THE MISTLETOE is like? I'd love if you could tell us a little about the main characters.

I’d love to share a little about my book. The heroine, Evie, is a thirty six year old widow with a teenage son and lives a quiet life running her bed and breakfast. She is solid and sensible and the kind of person everyone goes to for advice. When Scott Jones arrives in Crystal Point to attend his sister’s wedding he quickly falls for Evie. However, she has no intention of falling in love with the young and sexy fire-fighter. But, it’s Christmas and well, there’s mistletoe . . .

It’s been great to be here. To celebrate the release of Marriage Under The Mistletoe I have a signed copy to give away to one commenter.

Helen, that was very interesting.  Thank you for sharing with us today.


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  1. I liked how when you were asked a question, Helen, you answered that question in a paragraph. Not a huge paragraph; not a tiny paragraph; just right, as the story goes, LOL. I'm wondering if your book is like that too, as I am not a lover of long, drawn-out scenes with lots of scenery descriptions, or areas where you can tell the author "tried to make it longer".
    Anyway, I'd love to read your book to find out.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for coming over to say hi, Laney, it's always a pleasure to read your comments.

  3. Hi Laney - I'm a big believer in the characters driving the story and not a huge fan of big info dumps - even in real life I tend to talk fast and to the point LOL. So my characters tend to think and act like that too. Thanks for stopping by today - you're in the draw!

  4. That's something for an aspiring author like me to keep in mind, Helen. Thank you...

  5. Hi, Helen,

    I just realized that your second book has the same setting as the first, which I loved. :)
    Would you tell us a little bit about how you have so many books releasing rather quickly--for publishing? ha Did HQ contract you for three books to start with?

    Just wondering how it all happened for you. I'd love to win the book. lol

  6. Hi Cathy - great to see you here. While I was waiting to hear from my now editor about the first book, I wrote several more, all part of my Crystal Point series. I'm fairly methodic about the business of writing, so to speak, and can write a book in a few months if I knuckle down. I've sold four books so far and have a few more to go in this series.
    BTW - I think you actually won a copy a few weeks back when I visited the Hot Pink Typewriter - might be worth checking.
    Thanks for stopping by - hope you enjoy the book :)

  7. Hi Helen and Maria!

    What an awesome interview! Thanks for sharing ladies.

    All the best!

  8. Lovely interview Helen. I love how you make 'ordinary' characters extraordinary. Can't wait to read Marriage under the Mistletoe'.

  9. Hi Nas - thanks for stopping by today.

  10. Hi Lee - great to see you here. Hope you enjoy the book :)

  11. Hi Cathy,

    You're very welcome, thank you for coming over.


  12. Hi Nas,

    good to see you here. As always.


  13. Hi Lee,

    Nice to see you over here. You're very welcome...


  14. Great interview! It's nice to hear the 2nd book is as exciting as the first! :)

    (ps - don't enter me for the draw as I already have my copy! Good luck to everyone else :))

  15. Great interview, Helen and Maria! Marriage Under the Mistletoe sounds like a fun read:). I'd like to see how Evie thinks she can't fall for that young and sexy firefighter;).

  16. Great interview ladies! I love the sound of Marriage Under the Mistletoe. I don't think I've read an older woman/younger man romance, but I love the concept. And the guy's a firefighter? I am so there. :-)

  17. Hi Jemi - lovely to see you here. Thanks for stopping by :)

  18. Hi Maria - I love putting characters into tough spots and then watch them get out of it -poor Evie went through the wringer to get her man :) thanks for dropping by.

  19. Hi Libby - this was the first time I'd written this theme and I'm so pleased readers now get to share their story. Lovely to see you here, you're in the draw :)

  20. Hi Helen and Maria, loved the interview. I have Marriage Under The Mistletoe on my TBR list and now I cant wait :)

  21. Great to see you here, Jemi, thanks so much for coming over.

  22. Welcome back Libby. I think this is a terrific idea for a story too. Best of luck in the draw.

  23. Congratulations Helen on achieving your ambition of publication. I have a fried who wrote and submitted for many years before being published with her dream publisher HM&B. Sue Mackay writes for their medical line, and, like you, found the previous years of 'practice' set her up for a professional writing routine. I admire you for being able to write to tight deadlines, and wish you much success.

  24. Hello Cherie - lovely to meet you. And I met Sue at the recent Romance Writers of Australia Conference - she's delightful. Thank you for your good wishes and for stopping by today.

  25. Hi Helen,

    Why book would have such a great cover? I want all of them *grin

    The story sounds, love the idea n great you'd dare yourself to write new story :)

  26. Hi Eli - thanks for stopping by today - you're in the draw.

  27. Hi Tash - thannks for stopping by - you're in the draw :)


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