Part 2

Since the dawn of time he had enjoyed touring through space. The Creator's universe was rapidly expanding day by day. Even at it's very dawn it had been so vast and so huge. It was bigger than ever and would continue to be so - indefinitely and unto eternity. It was so difficult to believe. If a person searched for years together, centuries even, he would never, ever come to the end of it. There were worlds within worlds.

"Infinite unto eternity," muttered Oriel, with something like awe. The depths, mysteries and wonders of the universe never ceased to amaze and astound him. Mankind argued that no matter how big the universe was, it no man could travel there without a heap of sophisticated spacecraft.

"Man is a creature of the flesh, now more than ever since he became a mere mortal." But for a spiritual being, a supernatural being, the universe was a wonderful, vibrant mystery just waiting to be explored.
"How she would have loved to see all of this. Now she never will," pondered Oriel, his heart heavy within him. Then he started for a moment and smiled to himself.

No less a One than the Master himself had given Oriel a second chance. He was going to go down, into the very pits of Hell if necessary and bring his charge out of there. Oriel was simply spending some time by himself, thinking and of course planning. Not to mention the most important preparation of all. Yes. Praying.

He would not return and take his place in the Heavens nor would he be assigned a new charge. He would stay on this case - vanish into the world of humanity and from there find his way to that dreadful place. He trembled at the thoughts of what he would have to go through in the underworld. But Rebecca was there. He would have to physically go in there and rescue her. He prayed earnestly that the Master would be with him at least spiritually. He too had gone down there and taken many away from there.

"It will all be worth it. I cannot fail her. I will be successful and bring her back from there," he declared. He prayed to the Father, the Creator, in the name of His beloved Son. That was the sure-fire way to have the Father answer his prayers. Always.

Why was he making this arduous and dangerous journey?

"For Rebecca," he told himself and he knew it was true. There was one more reason, however. A reason as old as time.

"Why was the underworld so very keen to obtain Rebecca within its grasp and so early?" He was unable to figure it out. His protection had always been enough for his previous charges unless they literally had a deathwish. Oriel had never slumbered. He had watched Rebecca day and night. The one moment when his attention had been diverted for a second, she had been wrenched irrevocably from his grasp. There had to be a sound reason.

Rebecca was a young woman born in unfortunate circumstances, but he had never seen the Enemy so keen to snatch a soul. Oriel felt that the reason for this was something that went back far further than anyone could have dreamed.

"The Enemy has her soul illegally, I'm convinced. I'm not sure of the reason but I feel that this mystery goes back a lot further than anyone could imagine."

Oriel flew towards the earth to accomplish his mission.



  1. Its a good piece who is the author?
    I am on my cell phone so can't examine the website as good as I would like otherwise I would know probably from back posts,
    My feeling is Maria that you are the author.
    To my mind that is good writing. To my mind that is.

  2. Yes, Michael, that's me. Thanks for your compliment. I'm so honoured. I got the inspiration to start working on this a long time back but let it go for a while. Reading your work seems to have given me the inspiration to go there again.


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