Where Words Fail, Music Speaks - Upcoming Release: Cover Reveal for DIgital Anthology

For release on 21st April.
I was reading Annalisa Crawford's blog a few days back, when I came across information about an interesting new digital anthology due for release on the 21st April. The book is in aid of Clusterbusters, an organisation dedicated to finding out all there is to know the horrible phenomenon of cluster headaches, which makes life miserable for those who happen to suffer from it.

Where Words Fail, Music Speaks

A digital anthology with a wide range of authors, Including Annlisa Crawford and many ohters, each with his or her own unique style. Each story is based on the title of a particular 'nineties" song. I have to say that the colour of the cover is so beautiful that I am instantly attracted. But I'm sure the stories are great too.

I was originally meant to be involved in a simultaneous posting of cover reveals, but life really got in the way, so here I am, promoting this digital anthology with my blog post.  

To add this book to your Goodreads list, go here. And the eBook will be available on Amazon on or after the release date of 21st April.

Wishing this digital anthology every success!                               


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