Saved in Sri Lanka by Devika Fernando

Saved In Sri Lanka 
Devika Fernando

Some People Are Destined To Meet 


Some people are destined to meet.

It sure feels that way when Sri Lankan tour guide Sepalika meets Daniel. The mysterious tourist from Ireland steals his way into her heart and makes her question everything her life is built upon. Instant attraction turns to love – but does he feel the same? And what about the secret she’s hiding from him?
Follow the two on their quest for a happy ending amid the beauty and wonders of the tropical island paradise of Sri Lanka.

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Meet the Author

Almost as soon as Devika Fernando could write, she imagined stories and poems. After finishing her education in Germany and returning to her roots in Sri Lanka, she got a chance to turn her passion into her profession. Having lived in Germany and in Sri Lanka with her husband has made her experience the best (and the worst) of two totally different worlds – something that influences her writing. Her trademark are sweet, yet deeply emotional romance stories where the characters actually fall in love instead of merely falling in lust. She draws inspiration from everyone and everything in life. Besides being a romance novel author, she works as a self-employed German web content writer, as a translator, and as a faithful servant to all the cats, dogs, fish and birds in her home. What she loves most about being an author is the chance to create new worlds and send her protagonists on a journey full of ups and downs that will leave them changed. When she’s not writing, she’s reading or thinking about writing.

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SAVED IN SRI LANKA - REVIEW BY MARIA PERRY MOHAN I had the strangest feeling while reading this book for review. I simply could not rush it, no matter how I tried. I found it fascinating, spellbinding in fact. Every time I opened this ebook to continue reading, a feeling of peace and tranquillity washed over me. The love story of Daniel and Sepalika was extremely compelling and drew me in totally. There are many references in this story to Buddhism and temples, prayer and meditation. I know that the author, Devika Fernando, is a Buddhist and all I can say is that she must meditate for several hours a day, because the tranquillity which I experienced while reading this awesome story was unbelievable. If you are rushing around with a stressful life, this is the book for you. It will slow you down, draw you in and give you the most unbelievable feeling of stress free peacefulness you have probably eve experienced. I could feel a sense of wonder as Daniel and Sepalika explored the ancient palaces and temples of Sri Lanka together, on a journey which never seemed to end. I could literally feel the Sri Lankan heat and sense the serenity of the ancient temples. The story has a straightforward enough plot. Pretty Sepalika has been lured into an engagement which is not of her choosing, but which circumstances and family obligations have forced her to accept. Working as a tourist guide, she encounters the sensitive and thoughtful Daniel Byrne on one of the trips. An Irishman, Daniel is stopping by Sri Lanka en route to Australia. As Daniel and Sepalika tour the ancient temples and palaces of Sri Lanka together, they form a strong bond with each other and discover mutual feelings of attraction. But alas, Sepalika is betrothed to another. What next? It is a pleasant surprise for me to discover an Asian romance novel with an Irish hero. The gentle Irishman makes an attractive and uttely different hero. With a surname like Byrne, he could be a cousin of mine. I’m Irish by birth and upbringing and a member of the Byrne clan on my mother’s side. I don’t deny that this made the story very attractive for me. But even without the Irish connection, I’d have found this particular book fascinating. In Devika Fernando, I’ve found an author who is a joy to read, with her thoughtful, insightful storytelling. So if you’re stressed out in the summer heat, this is the read to make you chill! Enjoy it and remember, slow down and take it easy. This novel is much more enjoyable that way.


  1. Thanks a lot for the wonderful review! I'm happy you enjoyed my book. :-)


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