Helen Lacey's New Novel ONCE UPON A BRIDE

MBB is delighted to welcome one of our favourite authors, Helen Lacey, back to the blog.  Helen writes rich, emotional stories for Harlequin Special editions and her latest release is ONCE UPON A BRIDE.  She's one of my favourite authors to interview as she always gives thought provoking and very insightful answers to my questions.  Please enjoy reading this interview and check out the book, which is a great read. There's a RAFFLECOPTER contest as well.


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How do you come up with the ideas for new stories? 
It’s an organic process, I think. One book tends to lead to the next. New secondary characters come and go quietly while the hero and heroine aim for their happily-ever-after and once those characters capture my attention, I have to tell their own story. In saying that, I also get ideas from everyday life—TV, books, or simply people watching during my day job. Ideas are everywhere!

Does writer's block ever happen to you? 
I’ve never suffered from writer’s block. I’m a pantser and don’t do really detailed outlines. When I sit down at my computer I usually re-read a couple of pages from the day before and that pulls me back into the story.

How do you/would you cope if/when it strikes?
I think I would re-read the last book I wrote for starters. I’d look at ways to reconnect with my characters—perhaps do character profiles or a first person diary from my hero or heroine’s viewpoint. 

Of all the stories you've written, what's your favourite? 
That’s a tough question. I have to say the one I’m usually in the middle of writing tends to be my favourite. However....Once Upon A Bride holds a special place in my heart. I did a fair bit of research to ensure the hero’s past battle was real and resonated with readers. This connected me with people who’d been through similar battles and I was so inspired by the strength and resilience I encountered. It was very humbling. But I’m also loving the book I’m just about to hand in to my editor. It’s book seven and the heroine Mary-Jayne has been popular with readers throughout the series—I’ve had countless emails asking me when her story is going to be told and am happy to say The CEO’s Baby Surprise will be out in April 2015 

Oh, thanks for that bit of news.  I'll look forward to featuring that book on this blog.  I have one more question, Helen.  Do you live in your character's world while you write? 
For sure. The books I'm writing at the moment for Harlequin Special Edition are set in a small Australian beachside town called Crystal Point which sits at the Southern most point of the Great barrier Reef. Which is just like the town where I live with my husband and our menagerie of pets (Four dogs, two ragdoll cats and three horses) Because I don’t do extensive plotting and write organically it’s important to my writing process that I get draw deeply into my characters and the setting. 


Happily ever after…?

When Gabe Vitali escapes to a fresh start in Crystal Point, Australia, the former physician isn't looking for a storybook ending. For the first time he's living in the moment. His new five-year plan does not include serious relationships. But he doesn't anticipate his unavoidable next-door neighbor…and an undeniable attraction.

Bridal consultant Lauren Jakowski wants marriage. She's just sworn off love and sex! To avoid getting burned again, she's looking for safe and forever-after. But they're not Gabe's to give–for reasons he can't share with anyone, least of all this pretty complication.

Gabe and Lauren don't figure on a fairy tale. But fate has other plans….

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