Today, MBB welcomes author JK Coi.

J.K. Coi  is a multi-published, award winning author of contemporary and paranormal romance and urban fantasy, who loves writing dark, tortured characters that leap off the page and into readers hearts. Follow her on Twitter  and Facebook.


The MBB interview with J. K. Coi:

 Can you share a short bio?

JK Coi is code name for the deadliest member of a super secret spy organization whose mission is to seek out and destroy mullets and meggings in the unsuspecting public.

Just kidding.

I’m really nothing special. I’m just a woman with a husband and a son, who loves to write. I also like to read, walk with the dog, and create things with stained glass.

What inspires your writing?

Little things. Everything. I find inspiration in the look two people give each other across a crowded room I happen to be in. Is that a look of anticipation or frustration? Maybe they’re in a new relationship and can’t wait to get each other alone, or maybe they had an argument on the way over. Sometimes just the way a woman fiddles with the pendant on the end of her chain can trigger something. What is she thinking? So many possibilities! J

 What made you press on with this writing project when things were  difficult?  Because they must have been, sometimes.

Yeah, every book has a few moments when you want to scrap it and walk away forever…well, maybe not forever. Sometimes I press on because I have to. I have a contract and it’s as simple as having to fulfill my contract. But even then, I have to finish the book because that’s just the way I am. I don’t like leaving things unfinished. I have a half a manuscript that I started about three years ago and I still think about it almost daily because it’s NOT DONE and that drives me crazy. Thankfully, even when it’s not working, I know that it can work. So, because I’m stubborn I’ll keep at it.

 Please sum up your plot in a tweet sized sentence.

Business rivals with a past meet again at a convention in Antigua…but the heat between them isn’t just from the tropical sun.

Future plans?

Well, there’s that whole super spy thing and it keeps me busy.

Honestly, I just want to keep writing. One of these days I’m hoping that I can support myself and my family with my writing so that I can do it full time. My big dream is pretty boring, but I want to be able to stay home in my pajamas, write all day, then make dinner for my men and cuddle with the puppy. I’m pretty much already there!

Thanks for having me today! I had a great time with your questions.


This rivalry is too hot for the tropics…

Elizabeth Carlson and Ben Harrison used to be friends, coworkers...and almost lovers. But that was before Ben proposed mixing business with pleasure. Elizabeth refuses to lose her heart to a hotshot tycoon with a cutthroat, take-no-prisoners attitude. Not with the prospect of starting her own company at stake.

Driven to succeed in all areas of his life, Ben couldn’t resist the temptation to make Liz his. But then she walked away, igniting a bitter rivalry. Competing for the same contract at a Caribbean conference ignites sparks too hot to ignore, and Ben’s determined to finish what they started, even if it’ll only last a few steamy, tropical nights.

Elizabeth’s resolve begins to crumble under Ben’s blatant seduction. Can she walk away from a hot island fling with the sexiest man she’s ever known with her heart intact, or will losing herself in Ben destroy everything she’s fought to achieve?

Get this book here:  Amazon

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  1. Would appear to be a good read. Interesting plot. And nice meeting the deadliest member of the super secret spy organisation!

  2. Ramana, my intrepid follower! Thanks so much for the visit and comment, bro!

  3. Congratulations to J.K.Coi on the release of her In Bed WIth The Competition. Sounds intriguing!

    Thanks for lovely interview Maria!

  4. This story sounds so interesting. And the cover is hot!

    Congratulations and thanks for the lovely interview ladies!

  5. Hi there, and thank you! I think I just spilled the beans on my secret identity lol

  6. Kelly, such kind words! I love the cover on your avatar!

  7. Great interview as usual, Maria. JK, your title is sexilicious! :) Wishing you much success.

  8. I love that word, sexilicious. I must use this word!! Thank you!


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