I'm thrilled to welcome the wonderful Abby Green to my blog today. Abby's Irish and is very popular among the current group of Mills and Boon authors.  She's here to tell us about her current release, WHEN FALCONE'S WORLD STOPS TURNING.


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What makes Abby Green write? 
What makes me write?? The simple answer is that I write to make a living but also because I love what I do, and I love being able to come up with passionate storyline and compelling characters. I also love the emotion involved in our books and I hope I can get an emotional response from a reader too! :)
Where do you get inspiration for your stories?  
I get inspiration from everywhere and anywhere. From reading other books, magazines or movies. And Pinterest!
Do you remember the first M&B you ever read?  What was the name of the book?  And who was the author? 
I can't remember exactly the first M&B I ever read but I know it was probably a Penny Jordan. The one that stuck in my head though was by Sally Wentworth, called 'The Kissing Game'.
What keeps you turning the pages of a book, Abby?  Story or characters?  Definitely the characters. One of my favourite authors is Linda Howard, she could put her characters in any situation or in any plot and I'd read about them :)
Please sum up the story of your latest release in a tweet sized statement (140 characters only).
Rafaele Falcone, billionaire luxury car entrepreneur is back to claim Samantha Rourke, the lover he's never forgotten. But is he prepared for the shattering secret she's been keeping?

Great stuff, Abby, thanks for the interview.


She has the power to change everything...Rafaele Falcone runs his luxury auto empire and his private life with the same ice-cold ruthlessness. Emotions play no part in his decisions and he always demands the best - so he doesn't hesitate to ask brilliant engineer Samantha Rourke to join his company, even though he walked away from her years before. That sexy Italian accent still sends shivers down her spine, but gutsy Sam knows it's not just about her impossible desire to feel his hands on her body once again. Because Falcone is about to discover her deepest secret - one that will send his world into a spin! 

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  1. Nice interview, Maria. Thank you both. I totally agree with Abby about the importance of strong characters. Readers remember those great characters long after they've forgotten the plot. Rx

  2. Thanks for interviewing me Maria! Lovely visiting you :) xx Abby

  3. Hi Abby,

    I also always enjoyed Sally Wentworth's writing, and would love to emulate her skill. I found some of her books in a second hand sale a few years ago and bought the lot to add to my collection! Sadly, I believe she died some time ago. Linda Howard is also a wonderful writer, I agree.
    Plots which involve secrets are fun to read as I like to try and guess what the character is trying to hide.

    Maria - hi, I haven't visited your blog for a while. Congrats on completing the NaNoWriMo challenge!

  4. What a great blurb! I have a guess as to the secret so I'm off to check out the book! :)

  5. Great interview, Abbey! I, too love Linda Howard. She's a great writer. (I also love Sandra Brown!) Caroline x

  6. Awesome blurb! Abby Green is one of my fave authors, and I must say, I love Rafaele's surname, lol!!! Maybe we're related :P


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