Sally Quilford With Three New Releases!

Author Sally Quilford is a favourite author and guest of mine here at MBB and when I realised that she had no less than three releases out lately, I was determined to get her over to the blog to tell the readers here all about them.   Sally's output is amazing.  She writes across the genres, churning out contemporary romance, romantic suspense, historical romances and even a romance writing craft book features among her latest releases.  She participates in a lot of writing related activities.  She ran the Writer's Christmas Party on Facebook last year and sets up regular writing challenges (NaNoWriMo type challenges for when NaNoWriMo is not on, you could say) so writers can write together and encourage each other. She also runs writing courses and  critiques work for other writers.  That's a lot of balls to juggle in the air at one time and as if that wasn't quite enough she does her own social networking too and engages regularly with readers. Here are some questions and answers from a recent interview with Sally and as some of these Q/As have recently appeared on our sister blog Romance Book Haven (RBH) and my thanks are due to Nas Dean for very kindly allowing me to reproduce them here.


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Sally, can you share a short bio with us?
I live in Derbyshire (in the UK)  with my husband and four westies. I've  had stories published in most of the major British women’s magazines and have had ten pocket novels (to date) published, nine  by My Weekly Pocket Novels and one by The People’s Friend Pocket Novels. They've subsequently been sold to Ulverscroft Publishings Linford Romance Library, for large print publication and have been published on Kindle.  I've also won and been placed in many competitions. I run a writing  competition calendar and I've judged writing competitions.  I'm a monthly columnist with Writers Forum magazine and I've also had articles published in The New Writer.

How many hours a day do you spend writing? 
How long is a piece of string?(Laughs).   It really varies. I don’t (can’t) sit down to a blank page and hope that something turns up. I can only write when I’m in the grip of an idea. So on good writing days, I can spend four or five hours writing. On bad writing days, my only output is Facebook statuses…

Sum up all your three books in a tweet?  Okay, three tweets (140 characters). 
Midnight Train: A thrilling ride through Europe, with a sassy heroine and the sexiest vicar since Gene Hackman in The Poseidon Adventure.

Take My Breath Away: A celebration of the romance that took place both on set and off set of the 1963 film Cleopatra.

Love Craft: Everything you ever wanted to know about writing romance … and a little bit more besides.

Are there more releases coming up in the near future?
I’ve got a couple of novellas I’m thinking of polishing up to put on Kindle, but I’m also working on something new at the moment. It’s a bit dark,  but it’s nice to take a break from romance every now and then.


When Patty Carter’s first husband, hell-raiser Jason Carter, is murdered during the filming of the remake of Cleopatra, she becomes the prime suspect. Handsome Private Investigator Tony Marcus knows she’s hiding something, and that it’s linked to her young son, Jude. Still he finds himself drawn to the beautiful actress. But he has a rival in the form of hunky Australian actor, Matt Archer, who is playing Marc Antony to Patty’s Cleopatra. 

With two Mark Antonys vying for her attention Patty needs all her wits about her to protect both herself and her young son from impending danger and from having their hearts broken by a man who cannot keep his promises.

2013 is the 50th anniversary of the renowned Elizabeth Taylor/Richard Burton classic, Cleopatra. Author Sally Quilford also celebrates her 50th year in 2013. This novel commemorates both.

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When sexy and sassy older actress, Angela Cunningham takes the Midnight Train to Cariastan, she meets the gorgeous but mysterious Michael Fairfax. They are forced to share a cabin on the train, but soon they're sharing a very dangerous journey that threatens both their lives. 

An adorable child, a bunch of bad guys and a bomb that could go off at any second add to a thrilling story.

Get this book here:  Amazon  Amazon UK


Do you love reading romantic fiction? Have you ever wanted to write your own romance? 

This book covers all the basics, and is suitable for beginners and improvers alike. Discussion, exercises and more to help you write the perfect romance.

Shows you how to make your heroines feisty, your heroes hunky and how to keep readers turning the page - Womagwriter (Kathleen McGurl)

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  1. Hi Maria. Great interview.
    Hello Sally...congrats on your multiple releases! You're such an inspiration! Sally, do you find it easier to write romances or romantic suspense? I look forward to reading your book. Cheers, Adite

  2. Hi Adite
    I find it easier to write romantic suspense as it helps me to keep the story going. I find it much harder to write a story where the romance is the only focus.


  3. Congratulations of these, Sally.

  4. Congratulations Sally! Great news. Love the covers!


  5. Thanks Patsy and Nas! I love the covers too. :-)

  6. Hi Adite, great to see you over here. Hope your book is going on well....

  7. Hi Sally, Hi Maria, looking forward to adding these to my TBR pile Sally, thanks for bringing them to my attention Maria :D


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