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It gives me great pleasure to welcome Adite Banerjie to MBB today. Adite's debut novel has just been released by Mills & Boon India. Adite was one of the winners of the Mills & Boon India PASSIONS contest last year, alongside Ruchi Vasudeva, another Mills & Boon debutante who was here at MBB a few weeks back.  Adite has come to tell us something about her new book and having read and reviewed it, I can assure readers of romance, Indian or otherwise, that they are in for a real treat if they pick this one up. 


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Adite, many congratulations on the publication of your novel. How do you feel right now?
Thanks so much, Maria, for hosting me on your blog. Oh, I’m very excited about being published by one of the largest publishers of romance novels. And, honestly speaking, it’s not quite sunk in that I’m now a published author! J

When you were faced with the prospect of writing a book for Mills & Boon India, did you have a plot in mind, or did you start afresh?
As a winner of the Passions Aspiring Authors Contest (2012) I was expected to expand my winning short story entry into a full blown M&B. So, I already had a plot in place and three central characters around whom the story would revolve. But as I started writing the story, it kind of evolved along lines that I hadn’t expected it to. It was fun writing a story for Mills & Boon and giving it a completely Indian feel to it. 

From where did you get the inspiration for the story?
I have been reading Mills & Boon since I was a teen and among my favourite storylines are those that feature the revenge theme. Not surprisingly, the first idea that popped in my head was a story of a girl who wants revenge against the man who destroyed her family. Close on its heels came the thought – what if she falls in love with her enemy’s son? 

Can you tell us just a little about your two main characters?
My heroine, Maya Shome, is an independent young woman who has had a pretty tough life. She works as a landscape designer in Delhi. After the death of her only parent she vows to wreak revenge against the man who ruined him. The Hero, Krish Dev, is the reluctant heir of his father’s business empire. But he has serious issues with his dad and besides he is setting up his own business project. He knows how manipulative his dad can be and will do anything to stay out of his control. 

What are your future plans?  Can you share a little about what's next for you?
I have just finished my second novel (as yet untitled) for M&B which is set at a big, fat Indian wedding on an exotic island and I hope it will be out in early 2014. Apart from that I am working on a couple of screenplays. One of my screenplays, based on a true story, which is currently at the pre-production stage, will be made into a Hindi film soon.


When your childhood was ruined and your parents’ lives were destroyed by a ruthless businessman, what is the thing you’d like to do most?  To bring down the monster who blighted your young existence, naturally.  And what do you do when that monster’s son, who seems to be a really nice man, proposes marriage to you?  You accept, of course.  What better way to get your own back than to walk into that ruthless villain’s house as his daughter-in-law?  And how better to bring him down than from the inside?  The inside of his family?

But the truth is, Maya Shome is far too nice to be a negative character.  Oh, she has human instincts, naturally.  But she stops short of doing actual harm.  She engages our sympathy from the outset with her sad story, which actually brought tears to my eyes.  And Krish, the hero?  The handsome international playboy who pursues Maya, he wins us over by his wish to make his own life and not just to live in the shadow of his powerful father.   That’s why he finds his own bride, instead of sitting back and letting his father use the most important relationship of his life as a career move.  Multi-talented Maya, as well as being a talented landscape designer is also a qualified dance teacher, a skill which comes in handy when she first meets Krish. The two end up tearing up the floor with a killer tango performance, making it clear to all present, including the girl to whom Krish’s father is trying  to betroth him, that the pair of them belong together.  End.  Of.  Story.

But of course, it’s not really the end of the story.  Once married to the powerfully attractive man who Krish is, Maya must now execute her revenge plan in right earnest.  But how can she do it?  She finds it difficult to lie to him as she is pulled deeper and deeper into love.  What can Maya do?  And will Krish succeed in escaping his father’s powerful clutches and get out into the world to pursue his own destiny?

This story will draw you in and give you a couple of hours of pleasure and ultimate closure.  It’s a perfectly written story which is also a perfect example of why readers the world over enjoy Mills & Boon novels.  Because they draw you out of the humdrum everyday realities and give you a good time.  Whether the reader is Indian or not, this story will certainly strike a chord with romance readers.

If I took anything away from this book, it’s the lesson that we have no control over our origins, but we have a lot of control over where we go in the future.  The choice is ours, to decide whether we end up bitter – or better.

A truly enjoyable debut  romance novel from Adite Banerjie.  I hope that not only Indian romance readers, but also international romance readers, will get the opportunity to get their hands on  this book.

5/5 stars*****

Maria Perry Mohan

The book is currently available in print in India, but will hopefully be available soon as an ebook.

Get it here:  Infibeam     Makemeread  Flipkart 


  1. Loved reading this interview. Congratulations Adite. Sounds like a wonderful read.

    Thanks Maria!

  2. Hi Maria, Thanks so much for hosting me on your blog and the great review! Thanks Kelly, so nice to meet you. :)

  3. Congrats to Adite. I've been to India and this sounds good. Good luck with your book.

  4. Hi Adite,

    Many congratulations to you, and I wish you many sales!

    And your screenplay sounds like an exciting new venture; all best with that, too.

  5. Hi Cherie, Thank you for your kind words and wishes. After seeing my name on the cover of a book, seeing it on screen would be just as exhilarating! :D

  6. Huge congrats to Adite!! And huge congrats too to her screenplays!! Wonderful! Take care

  7. Thanks! It's all very exciting for me! :)


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