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It gives me great pleasure to welcome Melanie Milburne to MBB today. She is one of the top authors at Harlequin Mills & Boon and her work has given pleasure to millions of readers.  Her latest project is the Caffarelli series, the first of which is NEVER SAY NO TO A CAFFARELLI.  Melanie lives in Australia, but needless to say, her books are read worldwide.


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You are a well-established romance author. Have you written anything other than contemporary? 
I have written a romantic comedy screenplay and some poetry and some short stories, but my main home is category romance, as I love bringing feel good stories to readers. After all, it’s where I began my love affair with the genre! I really love the challenge of writing layered and deeply emotional stories so readers are not just entertained but have a chance to think as well.

How do you get the inspiration for your stories? 
I find life very inspiring. Every day I hear or read of something that makes me think of another story idea. In can be a snippet in the newspaper or a gossip magazine, or an issue I’ve been thinking about. Sometimes the line of a song or even a photograph can set me off on a creative whirl! 

Who is your favourite heroine ever? In your own books I mean…
Wow, that’s a hard question to answer! I love a spirited and feisty heroine so I guess Angelique in Never Gamble With A Caffarelli would be a stand out. I often felt as if she was in my office waiting for me to get back to writing her story. It was totally weird! 

Sum up your book in a Tweet: 

Hardnosed property developer locks horns with sweet but feisty tearoom owner in quiet English village. 

What’s next for you? 

Never Underestimate A Caffarelli and Never Gamble With a Caffarelli are out in October and November. I am currently working on a Presents title with an uptight English hero and a scandal magnet heroine. Sparks are flying!


I play by the rules, but they're my rules."  Poppy Silverton is as untouched as the leafy English vilalge where she runs a tearoom.  But her home, her livelihood and her innocence are under threat.  Rafe Caffarelli is a mouthwatering specimen of Mediterranean manhood.  He's a playboy billionaire and determined to buy Poppy's historic dower house.  Poppy will not give up the only thing that remains of her childhood and family.  She'll fight Rafe - and her attraction to him -all the way.  And be the first woman to say "no" to a Caffarelli.

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  1. Thanks for leaving information about your new release. It sounds really interesting & will be on my TBR pile! Have really liked your other HQ releases, so look forward to checking this one out!
    michelle at oxrider dot com

  2. How many books are planned for the series?

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  3. These stories sound fantastic! I love reading these stories by Aussie Authors!!!

  4. Hi Everyone!

    I received an email from Melanie Milburne that she is unable to answer comments.

    She is reading your comments and will answer as soon as she is able to.

  5. Hi Maria, Hi Melanie
    I was just stopping by to say I loved Never Say No to a Caffarelli and have just finished Never Underestimate a Caffarelli. WOW! So original. Outsdanding.
    Loved your questions Maria, especially the tweet q :)

  6. Hi Melanie,

    I love the setting of Never say No To A Caffarelli - a tearoom in an English village - sounds gorgeous.

  7. I loved reading this interview. Thanks Maria for your questions and Melanie-your answers!

    Congratulations on your 50th book!

  8. Congrats to Melanie...her books sell amazingly..according to Amazon rankings

  9. Hi Melanie and Maria! Wonderful interview:). Rafe, a "mouthwatering speciman of Mediterranean manhood", sounds delightful;).

  10. Hi Snarkymomreads,
    Thanks for your comment! Sorry it's taken so long to get here. Technical difficulties are the bane of my life.
    Hope you enjoy the trilogy.

  11. Hi bn100,
    There are three books in this series. I hope you enjoy them!

  12. Hi Mark Missy,
    We Aussie authors love writing them!
    Thanks for posting.

  13. Hi TashNz,
    I'm so glad you enjoyed the first two books. I hope you enjoy book three. I had a lot of fun with Angelique and Remy!

  14. Thanks Nas, for letting everyone know.

  15. Hi Kelly,
    Thanks for posting. I have your book on my TBR list. I can't wait!

  16. Hi Cherie,
    Thanks for posting. I love tearooms so it was fun to write one into my novel. Hope you enjoy the book!

  17. Hi unikorna,
    Thanks for your comment. I don't even look at my rankings. I'm always too busy writing the next book!

  18. Hi Maria,
    Rafe is a favourite hero of mine. He's very mouthwatering! Thanks for posting.


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