Kelly Steel, Debut Author with ONE BITE LEADS TO ANOTHER - and a GIVEAWAY

When my good friend Kelly Steel got in touch with me and told me she'd written a paranormal story, I was very excited. We did a bit of work on the manuscript and off she went.  A few months later, here she is, back with a book published on Amazon, a published author.  She'd getting great reviews. I'm so pleased for her.  So here she is, to tell MBB readers a little about ONE BITE LEADS TO ANOTHER....


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Are you excited about your debut release? 
Yes! Very excited to see my baby-my story out in the world and readers picking it up.

Are you pleased with the reception the book has received?
The reader reviews so far have been fabulous! Multi Published author Helen Lacey said, "I just finished One Bite Leads To Another and it was a fabulous read. So looking forward to your next book :)" on Romance Reader. And major credit goes to my editor Maria Perry Mohan. She took my story and gave it rhyme and reason. So thank you Maria.

Ah.  You flatter me, Kelly.  Thank you.  Is there a sequel or even a series in the pipeline?
I do think it is a possibility. It depends on my editor and her schedule! I have plans for a story on Leo's Baby, titled- One Bite for The Unborn- next.

Sum up your book in a Tweet (140 characters).
Leo falls in love with Eve but can they be together? What happens when he lets her know he is vampire? He will stay young and she will get old and die?

I believe you are interested in writing contemporary romance. Shall we see one from you in the near future?
Definitely. I'm a chaser of happy ever after so yes, a contemporary romance is in the pipeline.

Kelly has one free ecopy of ONE BITE LEADS TO ANOTHER for one reader who leaves a comment, so please leave one before you go!

After a spate of violence on his home island, Leonardo D’Silva returns home to find chaos on Lenuka Island. Who is responsible for this? And is the intriguing schoolteacher, Evelyn Hathaway connected to any of it? Face to face with Eve, Leo is taken back to the memory of his first love. Who was Eve? Was she a witch? And when Leo turns to his real vampire self after a night with Eve, will she still accept him?

Evelyn Hathaway is intrigued by the handsome Leonardo D'Silva, the benefactor of her school, whom she's met for the very first time. Handsome, sophisticated and oh, so gentlemanly, she can't get him out of her mind. She's never met him before, yet she senses a strong connection, a feeling that they've met somewhere before, in another time and place. Who is this Leonardo D'Silva, with the hint of a demonic glint in his eye? Can it be possible...?

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  1. Thanks so much Maria. I had fun answering your questions. Thanks for the interview!

  2. Yay for Kelly! I already have my copy so don't enter me in the giveaway. It's such a fun story!

  3. Thank you Jemi! And wonderful of you to host me over at Just Jemi today on Creating Folklore

  4. Nice tweet summary

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  5. Thanks for checking it out and coming by BN100.

  6. Congratulations Kelly!
    Seems a very intriguing story.
    All best.

  7. Thanks for coming by and for the congrats, Cherie!

  8. Great interview, Kelly and Maria! Kelly, congrats on your debut!! Loved the blurb for One Bite Leads to Another:).

  9. Thanks so much for saying that Maria. And you're awesome to come by to check this interview out!


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