Part 3

Spirits are as real to each other as creatures of the flesh are in their own dimension. It is when the creatures of one dimension meet those of another that the trouble begins. Sometimes, creatures of another dimension can seem as real to us as if they are creatures of flesh and blood just like us. As long as we are unaware of the difference, we may be fooled completely. However, once we realize that the creature with whom we are interacting is, in fact someone from another plane, they immediately appear colourless, transparent and even unreal. In order for Oriel to blend in on planet Earth, it was necessary for him to remain far away and distant and not to get too close to anyone. He would retain his spiritual powers but would be inconspicuous as long as he could melt into the crowd.

The anonymous man was just a face in the crowd. No one knew or recognized him. He never got tired. He had food to eat that nobody knew about. It was the word of God written on his heart and in his mind. He needed no place to stay, he could walk day and night. His shoes never wore out. Sometimes though, he needed time to stop and reflect and even rest awhile.

As long as the Enemy never detected his presence in the world of men, his plan could go on. If, however, the Enemy's forces got an inkling of his presence, his cause was as good as finished.

His spiritual vision was excellent. He could see far more than mortal men could. He could see the spirit activity all around. The lost despairing souls, the ones stuck in the world of men because of misplaced attachment yet not belonging there. It was enough to break the hardest heart.

"One day the Master will come back and sort it all out," he reassured himself, when caught by the spectacle of lost souls, some of them sad little children who had lost their way. "At least they can't come to any more harm now. Lord, keep them safe until you come back!" Then the memory of one particular child would come flooding back with all it's poignancy.

'Rebecca, I'm coming!' he inwardly told her. 'I'll find you and bring you back. You'll get your chance again. For I believe you were taken illegally from the world of men. At the very worst, you should have been allowed to remain here as a spirit until Judgment Day. You should not be in Hell....."

"Need a place to stay for he night?" hissed a voice in his ear.

"No," he replied.

"Then where are you going?"

"West," he replied.

"Need a lift?"

"I'll get there without one."


He ignored the speaker and strode on. He had no interest in getting into conversation with anyone, he aim was so completely on his goal.

He was indeed going west. Towards Hellsprings. Then he would go about his task. All that was needed was a little more time. Not to mention avoiding being detected.








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