Part 1

"Where will I get peace? I've so totally failed. I can't believe it. She's gone forever...." Oriel couldn't begin to describe the feelings that were going around in his head.

Everyone assumes angels have it made when it comes to spirituality. They are supposed to have this peaceful, serene existence. But take one look at Oriel. See the dilemma. The situation. Sleep refused to come. Being awake was torture. He decided to talk it over with the Master. He understood everything.

The Master was full of kindness and compassion. He was totally supportive.

"It wasn't in your control. She was following the ways of the world. It was her own choice. God gave mankind free will..."

"But Master! She was going through a bad phase. She would have come back eventually. I was waiting and watching for that. If she could have remained alive for just a few more years. That accident should never have happened." The Master's eyes were serious, but full of compassion. He looked tenderly at the angel.

"She had her chance to hear the message. She chose to ignore it, Oriel. Why do you needlessly blame yourself?"

"Master, I know You speak the truth. But look how she heard the message! And look who gave her the message. Those priests and teachers had no enthusiasm for the Word at all, they were simply following the prescribed pattern. With guides like that, I'm hardly surprised that she didn't give the Good News her serious consideration." Oriel could never have believed that he would speak to his Master in this way. Yet it was all right. He never became offended. Suddenly, a glimmer of hope seemed to appear in his mind.


"Yes, Oriel? How can I help?"

"I can't go back to the Heavens, I'm not at peace. I can't think of staying here and taking on another case. I'm not ready. I have a request...."

"Go ahead."

"Master, may I go down there and look for her? If she's ready to come back, now she knows what she's got herself into, I'm ready to take her back no matter what it takes."

The Master frowned.

"Do you know what you're asking?"


"You understand the dangers?"

"Oh, yes."

"Do you realize how difficult it is to resist the blandishments of that community?"

"I will never give in. But my child - my child is there among them. I will never rest if I don't try at least one last time...."

"I know that," replied the Master. "I understand your feelings perfectly. That's why I'm agreeing to your request."

"You are? I don't have to seek permission from the Father?"

"The Father and I are One," came the reply. "All power in Heaven and Earth is given to Me." Oriel fell at his Master's feet. The Master blessed him.

"Above all, keep your faith at all times. Pray constantly to strengthen yourself against temptation. One more thing you must remember..."

"Yes Master?"

"Don't be afraid. I am with you."





  1. Coming along very well I must say :) Eagerly await for the continuation!


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